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Good game.  Nice art and music.  The only negative I'd say would be steering the character was a bit difficult.  In general, though, especially for a game jam, it's pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback!  Were you using a keyboard or controller?

You're welcome.  I was using a keyboard.

Have a go with an Xbox controller if you have one!  The steering had that in mind, keyboard was just a backup for if you dont have one.

Fun game with awesome overall feel. Kinda felt like I was playing a simpler version of speed runners. The only thing I would change is to make the other racers a bit smarter.

Otherwise fun game. Keep up the good work! (:


This game was made in 48hrs for a game jam!  

Yeah the ai for the other racers os pretty bad xD

Its the best i could do in the small time frame. 

I'm glad you had fun with it! :)

Preety fun game!!! But would be more fun with LOCAL MULTIPLAYER. Great Job!!!

Oh good idea!  That would be fun!

WOuld you mind rating my game on the game jam page?

O Course!

Welp, i have a problem. I can not rate, becose i have no submitted enythink.

Thats ok, I only figured that out today, first game jam lol!

Thanks anyway  :)

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No problem freind.

Welp, for the first game-jam, Great Game!!! My first game-jam was terible.

I see you pump out new games tho!  You got good spirit!  :)

Look forward to seeing what you bring out next!  Make sure you hit me up for some play testing!