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Roopit n' Boopit is a Co-op Puzzle and Combat game!

Roopit and Boopit are the two characters in the game.

They have complementary skills, and need each other.

The focus is on Co-ordination and teamwork!

Don't have someone to play with?

No worries!  The game is also completely playable by yourself!

Solo mode allows both characters to used with one Xbox controller, twin stick style!

The controls and mechanic are very simple.

But  the levels require more logic and communication as you progress.

There are 5 playable worlds each with unique mechanics and enemies!

And a Boss Fight at the end of each!

I would be very grateful if you could provide me with some feedback!

Have FUN! :)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Fighting
Tags2D, boss-battles, Co-op, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Short, Simple, teamwork


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Here some honest feedback on your game. So you don't need to hold back judging my beta...

In options menu: What is the difference between back and menu? Both seem the same to me. And first I tried 'exit' but it closed the game despite being in some sub-menu.

The music in main menu stopped after a while. Seemed strange to me.

I realy like it that you introduce the 2 characters at the begin.

The increase of difficulty seems okay. I think the first boss is too hard, since I always have to think which of the 2 guys I will move with my keyboard. That will require a lot more skill in controlling these 2 and that will only happen by playing it often.
But once you solved the puzzels the replayability is not too great. So players might not be up to build it up to that extend in the first level.

Using slow mode would make it easier, but still the boss has several new techniques for the player to learn. IMHO too many for 1st level:
1 Moveable shields
2 Direction of enemy fire changes over time
3 Change of fire pattern (not clock-wise but anti-clock-wise.
4 Introduction of random change of fire pattern (clock-wise, anti-clock-wise, clockwise, clockwise, anti-clockwise and so on)
5 maybe increasing speed of the boss. I am not sure about that, since I was put under stress.

Wow!  Thanks for the detailed feedback!  :)

"In options menu: What is the difference between back and menu?"

The options menu is the same room whether you get there from the menu or from in a level.  So if you get there from the menu, "back" and "menu" are indeed the same.  "Back" takes you back to the level you were on if you were in one.

"I realy like it that you introduce the 2 characters at the begin."

Thanks!  It's one of my favorite things about the game!  xD

"I think the first boss is too hard"

For a solo player, yeah I agree, I would definitely advise using slow mode for solo play unless your up for a really hard game.

So far as I have seen, the first boss is hard but doable for two players.

"But once you solved the puzzels the replayability is not too great."

I was hoping that the ranking system at end would solve this a little, but unfortunately I think this is a built in problem with any puzzle based game.  However, if you have some ideas, I'm interested!  :)

Big thanks for all the detailed feedback mate, it definitely helps me out.

Send me a link to the game you wanted me to try!!! :)

I hope you had fun with Roopit and Boopit!

I forgot to mention: Starting the levels in paused-mode (press space to start the level) would be nice since you could at least get the layout and position of opponents and most traps without the gameover screen in front of you. :D 

Replay ability of puzzle games is hard and works only for some of the puzzels: You would need to keep the solution the same, but changing the pattern. Dull example: Instead of fireing from the right side, the opponents are fireing from the left side next time.

The game I would like you to try out is: https://hardgames.itch.io/babu

It's a Beta but I am already working on the final release. 

Deleted post

At this stage I have no plans for a html version, partly because I'm putting the game on steam, and partly becasue I don't know how to make a HTML version!  xD

Deleted post

I'm using gamemaker, maybe it can do that to, not sure.

Thanks!  Its alot more complicated to get a game on steam, so I'll need all the luck I can get!  :D

I played in single player mode. It was a little hard. I liked the logic levels. Levels of reaction speed created difficulties. I think, because it was hard for me to control several characters at once, dodging enemies.

The control buttons are convenient, except for the Enter button. I think it would be better restart - R button, and Enter - attack. I sometimes confused the two buttons and accidentally reset the level. I would also recommend adding a pause to the P button. Sometimes I had a desire to make a turn. But in this case, you will have to complicate the management. So I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

I would advise you to work on art. Visual style didn't attract me from the start. I did not like the effect of blood, I do not like this in games. It might be worth making it disconnectable. But this is a matter of taste. It's funny that Boopit looks like our planet Earth XD

The overall musical arrangement is normal. I really liked the music in the second world. Some sounds are too sharp, such as the sound of loading. It really annoyed my mom XD

The game focuses on the gameplay. This is certainly a strong point of the game. I must say that the game process is generally interesting and varied. I looked at all the worlds, each has its own mechanics and the idea is great!

I would also advise you to number the levels. In this case, I could easily say at what level it was easy for me and at what level it was difficult.

Several notes on individual levels

It's impossible. Level requires too quick reaction!

This is a bug! Characters sometimes stand on 1 cell and it is impossible to move.

At first I thought that the squares shut their mouths. But it turned out that they switch ... this button does not look like a switch. This is strange.

It was a shame!

3 world in singleplayer mode seemed impossible to me.

In the last world, the idea is cool, but this level is too complicated. If it were not for this guy upstairs, I would have passed him.

In conclusion, I believe that this game will look great on consoles! My friend was publishing something similar, such games are really popular.

Great feedback!  Thank you very much!  :)

Were you playing with slow mode on?  If you were not, I'd suggest trying it for single player, enemies move and shoot at half speed.

I thought I had finally fixed the players getting stuck on each other bug! xD 

 I guess I'll have to keep looking into it!

By the way, you can actually turn off blood spray in options!  It's in Audio/Graphics.

I'm thinking of putting a play through up of your game on youtube.  Do you have a discord we could talk on?  Itch.io doesn't have a direct message, I think some thing like discord would be easier to communicate.  

Thanks again for playing Roopit and Boopit and for the feedback!  :)

Were you playing with slow mode on?  If you were not, I'd suggest trying it for single player, enemies move and shoot at half speed.

Yes, I switched to slow mode! I guess I expected it to be even slower ^ _ ^

By the way, you can actually turn off blood spray in options!  It's in Audio/Graphics.

0_о It's great! I didn’t even think to look there.

I'm thinking of putting a play through up of your game on youtube. 

Good idea! ^_^

Do you have a discord we could talk on?  Itch.io doesn't have a direct message, I think some thing like discord would be easier to communicate. 

No, I do not have Discord. I still use Skype, as well as a bit of Facebook. I think we can try to chat somewhere there. But because of my weak English, I’m not sure that I will answer quickly enough.

Fair enough!

Hopefully I won't need help in the play through anyway.

I'll send you the link when i get the first video up  :)

OK! In any case, I am very interested in watching the video.
Of course, you will have problems, I will definitely help!

Well, i finishd the entire first world, completly alone, one one keybord! By the way, some dev-logs should be nice. :)

 Your getting the hang of playing both at once, Nice work!

I do have a devlog actually!  :)

Here it is



The site and pictures look great. But it would be great if there is single player or online so you wouldn't need  friend to play. The tiles look cool and the enemy design is nice.

Thanks for the feedback!  :)

You can play it single player, there is an option called "solo-mode" which lets you play both characters on one controller twin stick style!

Also I'd suggest enabling slow mode for solo play. It Just slows enemies, puzzles remain the same.

Its been a while since i updated the text on this page, clearly I need to communicate the fact that single player is possible!  Thanks for making me realise this!

I hope you have fun! :D


Welp, i finally I convinced my sister to play the game with me( i have no one else to play, becose quarantaine, and my sisters don't like game's very much) and we have great fun!!! Great Game!!! The're is one think, that would be nice to add: online multiplayer!!!

I'm SO happy you and your sister had fun!  :D

I'm not sure how to make online multiplayer as I'm still learning, but it is a great idea, thank you!  :)

Yep, online is confuzing. I'm trying to do one by my own, with brackeys tutorial, but i have no idea what i'm doing. No problem! :)

The title screen music track is an absolute banger

Thanks!  I'll pass on the compliment to artist!  :)

Hope you had fun playing the game!

This was actually pretty fun! It made me stop and think about how I should approach the situation.

I was playing alone, it is possible, it adds more challenge as well. So if you don't have a friend you can still try it out.

Overall, Roopit and Boopit is a solid little game to pass the time and make you think about your next move. Good job, can't wait to see where it goes.


Thanks mate!  Currently working on World-4 "Ice World".  Also controller support is working, just haven't updated the file on itch yet to include it.

Hahah, yeah it is possible with one player!  I've been making sure I can beat it solo so that I know that challenge is possible.

I'll make sure I keep you all posted of updates!

It makes me happy to know you had a good time playing my game :)

Not bad, world one's boss was pretty tough for 1 player i had to try like 8 times XD It was somewhat tough to know where I was to go, there wasnt a clear indication for patterns in the boss fight and the sound effects were a bit jarring esp the eyeballs death sound when you shoot multiple arrows that play the on death sound each. Music was fantastic

Hey thanks so much for playing and giving feedback!  And such specific feedback at that! Very helpful!

Did you play through all 3 worlds by yourself!?  That is quite impressive!

I will turn the eyeball death sound down and maybe add a small pause when world1 boss changes direction (he changes randomly).

I can't take credit for the music, but I can point you to the guy that made it.


Thanks again for the comment and for giving my humble game a go, it really helps me make it better.  :)

Hey, I like it, nice work. Here are a few things I came across:

1. Given that both players have to make it to the end I would restart the round if one dies. I managed to get to the end of a level after a friend had died and couldnt progress.

2. Esc currently exits the game, I found myself quitting by accident a few times when navigating the menu.

I think you may have been playing the previous version, at the moment if you press Esc it takes you to an options menu.  Did you download the game a few days ago?

As for making it restart if one player died, I had originally thought that might be jarring to the other player.  However I'm hearing most people express a similar opinion to you on the issue.  So I will change it so it restarts after a second or two.

Thanks so much for playing the game and for the feedback!  It really does help out a huge amount :)

Fun game! its a great co-op to play with a friend I like the way you have to communicate with each other while playing the game. I only had one minor issue sometimes when i open the game its in windowed mode. I had a fun time playing the game and im excited to see what you will do with this game in the future :)

thanks for playing the game!

Ill have to check out why sometimes its opening in windowed mode.  Could I ask what your pc specs are?

Im glad you had fun!  

How far did you and your friend get in the game?

Make sure you update me when theres a new version of your game to play test as well!


Sorry for the late reply i played with my friend trough the whole game. We liked the first world the most. Had only one more issue i have if one of the characters dies but the other completes the level it wouldn't load to the next level and will lock the game forcing you to restart i think it would be an easy fix.

I also updated my game yesterday fixing some of the issue's you had.

Wow good job!  I was worried that some of the levels in world 3 in particular might of been too hard!  Why do you reckon you liked world 1 the most?

I'm thinking I will change it so if one character dies, the level restarts automatically.  I do want to make it so both characters have to survive the level!

I'll give your game another go now!