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Sinmara is a  meditative experience with relaxing music and mildly psychedelic visuals.

I made this game around 2010, but decided I should release it to you guys to have a play with!  :)

I only polished it up a little for a couple of hours, things like adding a title screen and adding a mute function.  Other then that it's basically just a work from a younger version of my self.  Thanks me!

The best way to approach Sinmara is less like a game, and more like a tool to let your thought drift to.  There is no ultimate aim or objective.

Credit to my Friend Nick who made the music, I named the game after the track.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!  Please let me know!  :)


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This is an interesting little game. It's nice how you can skip to the next level in case you get stuck in  the previous one. I do have one question: are the levels randomized and do you just keep playing levels until you want to quit?

The controls can be a little confusing and the bouncing physics can be a little frustrating, but overall this is an alright game for one you made 10 years ago!

(p.s. I also really like the music. Very atmospheric and suits the gameplay well. Any chance I could get an audio file it?)


Yes it randomized so you can just play and play forever until you had enough.

I've played around with it enough that the controls feel intuitive to me!  xD

But I could 100% see how they would feel strange to a person trying it out for the first time.

Yeah I think the music is what makes it!

Here is the SoundCloud for the guy that made made it.



Oooo, I like this! It reminds me of a calm, randomized version of Nibbles.

I only heard the one song, but it's fantastic and fits the meditative and relaxing aspect perfectly. 

Being able to skip levels at the press of a button came in handy since the player sometimes gets boxed in by circles and can't move anywhere else.

Would love to see a more polished version of this game!