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You wake up in a semi transparent bag laying on a table.

The room is dark, sterile, and you are alone.

How long were you out for?  Weeks? Years? Centuries?

Waking after Cryogenic Freezing is like waking from a coma, a bad trip, no idea where you are, or why you are here.

A vague memory of a humanity,  tortured by the end of it's existence, is all you have.

The solution for this ultimate annihilation?

Well it asks more question then it answers...

Upload_Soul is an experimental game combining elements from 

Puzzle games like chips challenge

 Trippy visuals inspired from games here on itch.io (Sluggish Morrss comes to mind)

Variety of game play elements including performers 2d spaceship shooters and more.

And a "non-hand-holdy" approach to difficulty inspired by old games.

I would love you to play my game and give feedback!

The first person who can finish the game and describe to me the ending in the comments will get to have an NPC put into the game of there own design!

You can tell me what you want it to look like and say.

Credit to my Friend Nick who made most of the art and music!

Thanks for checking out my game.

Have fun :)


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Deleted 359 days ago

Hey!  Thanks for playing my old game!

Maybe I'll come back to it and improve it now that I know what I'm doing a bit better!  xD

Not till after I deal with Cat=Powered UFO tho!